Leakey, Texas Hotel Concepts



Brand Identity, Hospitality Concepts


Economic Development Strategy, Historical Restoration Planning

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A hotel, bar and spa concept to drive the economic growth of small-town Leakey, Texas.

Inspired by a family's legacy and natural surroundings, a sleepy Texas town's hospitality concepts create a can't-miss destination.

These brands were motivated by an artist who brought the best out of anyone she met. In placemaking, our goal was to create an experience that inspires the guests who are lucky enough to find the Frio River.

The hotel and bar concepts have been identified as cornerstone elements that will establish the brand and aesthetic of the entire Historic Leakey Restoration Project. With these ideas, we aim to transform the landscape of the tourist economy in Leakey. With a solid support system, PR strategy and planning, we believe Leakey can be a destination that inspires a larger demographic, year-round. While these Leakey’s economic development concepts live in our imaginations, we hope to bring them to life from brick and mortar to printed collateral and mobile responsive websites to support the new establishments.

The Leakey Restoration project is one that is of particular significance to our creative team. This ongoing project showcases the depth of our team’s place-making expertise, branding, and marketing prowess. 

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Spa Hotel Henriette Leakey collateral