Grassroots Workshops


Website development

UX Strategy, Web Design, Custom CMS Framework, Email Marketing,

Custom E-commerce, SEO Management, Site Analytics Configuration

Professional development for educators is easy with custom online workshops.

A strong UX strategy and custom PHP web development were the keys to building the e-learning platform for educators.

Grassroots Workshops is an online workshop platform developed to give teachers control over their own professional development. The workshops are flexible and personalized to support educators’ schedules and needs for a successful e-learning experience. The platform is robust and caters to both the students and instructors of Grassroots Workshops. The portal is mobile-responsive on every device for seamless access to the workshops anytime and anywhere.


The company embarked on developing this custom web app wanting to invest in quality, secure, clean code to make future development easier, faster, and less expensive. Our custom web developer built in Laravel, a PHP framework that allows the many custom integrations needed for the program.  


STAV’s custom web app development expertise has served the client’s needs by designing, coding and launching custom e-commerce, multi-faceted admin dashboard capabilities, invoicing features, and a custom CMS. This platform and our design is bringing Grassroots Workshops to market, disrupting the professional development and e-learning industries.