TAXA Outdoors


Website design

UI/UX Mapping, Design, Development, 

Custom E-commerce

Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing, Sales Funnel Optimization


Image Optimization, Metadata, Analytics Support



Our website redesign for this premiere outdoor brand multiplied conversions by 26x.

Daily page views for the camping trailer company more than doubled and bounce rates dropped by 15%... all in the first week of launch.

TAXA Outdoors is a rapidly growing camping trailer company founded by a former NASA engineer. The trailers are exceptionally well-crafted, which is why the company is earning major buzz in the outdoor industry. TAXA called on STAV to help support their online marketing efforts with a robust new website designed to generate sales leads and foster a community of TAXA-loving customers. 


Our plan for developing the website focused on specifying desired target journeys for users and designing a natural flow of content to drive those users to action. After in-depth user profiling, market research, and content flow mapping, we generated wireframes as a blueprint for the design. Once those wireframes were tested and finessed, we incorporated the design assets into a functional interface before coding the site into a custom WordPress framework. The site includes a user quiz to help potential customers identify the right camping trailer for their lifestyles. This feature not only educates and engages potential customers, but it allows TAXA to collect important information about their demographic to start a customized sales relationship.


We built a custom e-commerce integration for TAXA merchandise on the website, as well as a member portal for camper owners to engage with their unique community. These tailored features support brand ambassadorship and foster rewarding relationships with the company. 


The approach was an incredible success for TAXA, increasing conversion rates by 26x, cutting bounce rates by 15%, and jumping daily page views by more than double. We’re excited about the success that TAXA has seen with the new site and look forward to continuing to support them in their growth strategies.