The name STAV comes from “Stavinoha,” which was the last name that belonged to our founder’s grandmother. Her art inspired many, and her legacy continues with our mission to bring people together with our work. Our team is made up of good-hearted, passionate creatives who obsess over things like Pantone colors, social media algorithms and the latest design trends. 

With backgrounds in advertising, graphic design, publishing, coding and art, our team excels at creative storytelling and innovative design that’ll stop you in your tracks.

Meet the Team


  • Creative Direction
  • Big Ideas
  • Branding
  • Marketing + Copywriting
  • Breaking Expensive Electronics
  • Irish Goodbyes

Bo Alomes

CEO + Creative Director

Bo graduated from NYU, where she learned to be a master critic of creative marketing. That translated well when she began working in publishing, eventually evolving her teams’ skills into an agency model.

After co-founding her first creative agency in 2014, she saw how powerful great design can be. Her love of design and storytelling grew towards advocacy, and she founded STAV in 2017 with a mission to elevate brands and businesses that bring people together.


  • Brand Identity
  • Typography
  • Web Design
  • Print Layout
  • Puns and Wordplay
  • Nails on Fleek

Callie McLean

Senior Designer

Callie can spot a misaligned paragraph down to the pixel (from a mile away). Her attention to detail combined with her wild creativity makes her a design force unlike most. With a degree in graphic design from JMU, and years of experience in creative studios, Callie has worked with brands of all shapes and sizes to bring their stories to life.

Callie’s background includes print design, print and digital publishing, branding, web and app design and development, art direction and advertising. Highly organized and talented in using design to communicate big ideas, Callie excels in all aspects of creative strategy.