Deep in the Heart Goods



Package Design, Product Photography


Advertising, Social Media Strategy

Deep in the Heart—a small homegoods and apparel company—gives back in big ways to help provide global disaster relief.

We created a brand to help them help others.

Founded after Hurricane Harvey struck the Coast of Texas, Deep in the Heart is an e-commerce company that sells home goods and apparel – selling everything from soaps and candles to t-shirts – to benefit disaster-stricken areas across the world. The brand needed help to decide what they were going to be and look like.

Our team partnered with the brand to build it from the ground up. We knew that all moving parts must work together to create a cohesive branding for that fit the client’s needs, so we started with the brand’s essence to then decide on the visual identity and messaging. Each scent is unique and is dedicated to a different disaster-stricken area, so our design team chose to showcase this through the different packaging colors specific to the smell and area it helps. We then provided product photography for the brand’s website to showcase each candle. Finally, our creative agency was asked to work with the client to create a social media strategy that would appeal to Deep in the Heart’s customer base to increase engagement and emphasize community.