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A simple design can impact many lives...

Over 1,000,000 actually. See how we helped take a stand against cyberbullying with a simple sticker.

After the tragic death of San Antonio teen, David Molak, who took his own life after being bullied through text messages and social media, his parents Matt and Maurine Molak developed David’s Legacy Foundation to fight cyberbullying. Working with Ina Minjarez, Senator Jose Menendez, and many other legislative supporters, they created David’s Law – a landmark piece of legislation to criminalize cyberbullying in Texas. After the bill was passed, David’s Legacy Foundation needed a way to spread awareness about the law and the dangers of cyberbullying.

We partnered with David’s Law putting our skills in logo design, branding and advocacy marketing to work. Referencing the recognizable style of a text message bubble, the red ellipsis logo came to symbolize the anticipation of receiving a text and the moment when a cyber bully is drafting his or her attack.

We decided that stickers – sized to fit on smartphones and laptops – would be an effective way to pair the mark with a simple pledge and a memorable message. The stickers were designed to be cost-friendly and easy to distribute in schools and at events, with a removable back that communicates the pledge. The mark and its tagline have made a secure connection with school administrators from across the nation. Since the campaign’s launch in August 2017, over 1,000,000 Texans have taken the David’s Law Pledge against cyberbullying. 

In the most recent efforts to end cyberbullying, the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America partnered with the foundation to create badges that young members can earn and wear proudly. 

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