Propagation 101 Book Design



Layout, Illustration, Photography, Art Direction, Book Design


The Succulent Scientist goes from influencer to author with "Propagation 101"

A sleek design for the beginner's guide to succulent propagation supports the growth of The Succulent Scientist brand.

How does a passion project turn into a business? Listen up.. Summer Jeffery, aka “The Succulent Scientist” has been inspiring plant lovers across instagram for a couple of years (Follow her here: @succulentscientist). When she launched an online course, many questions came flooding her way — how much light does my plant need? When do I water? What kind of leaves are best for propagating? Pretty soon, this influencer started documenting everything she has learned as a successful plant mom. She wanted to create a beautiful book, but got stuck when it came to the design. STAV stepped in to help build an intuitive guide with supportive visuals.

Working with her notes and ideas, we developed a content outline, moodboard and strategy to design the book. Since we’re plant parents ourselves, we had plenty of props and materials in our office to photograph each step of the propagation process. We couldn’t help ourselves, so we added custom illustrations to support the guide as well. The book is now available as a PDF, and soon we’ll be expanding the project into a coffee table book you’ll want to pre-order for all of your plantlady friends this Christmas.