TOWERS Coloring Book


Illustration, Advertising, Publication Design
Art Direction

Advertising, Illustration

Thinking outside the box and coloring inside the lines to advertise Austin homes.

Clever ways to advertise a realty company? How about a coloring book. Even better—how about an Austin coloring book that shows off landmarks and features city development at the same time. We helped TOWERS Realty give their clients a takeaway that showed just that.

 STAV illustrated popular locations around Austin that represent the city’s history and culture. Using a whimsical approach to match Austin’s eclectic personality, we featured Dachshunds, Willie Nelson, armadillos, bats, skylines, cowboys, and much more. This allowed TOWERS Realty to offer an engaging hands-on experience to their clients. The coloring book served as a physical reminder of different properties around Austin with lasting sentimental value.

Within the first hour of announcing the coloring book to their clientele, TOWERS had over 50 requests to preorder. With the coloring book, TOWERS clients can now literally draw inspiration fora new downtown Austin lifestyle.