Visual Identity, Brand Personality, Art Direction, Marketing Materials

Multiple digital and event properties consolidated into one globally recognized brand

From awards series and global events to digital platforms, STWS's multiple properties needed a home base, grounded in a sleek design and clear message.

Australian-based Sports Tech World Series has had an incredible amount of growth over the years. As they entered 2020, like most companies, they were able to step back and take inventory of the span of their brands. Their assets included conferences, training camps, investor and community networks, content platforms and more — each of them with a different look and feel from the next.

Working with their team, STAV helped streamline this global community’s look with a new visual identity. The new look is distinguishes their physical event properties from their online assets simply with color. We helped them find their unified voice with a clear positioning statement, mission, and copywriting by first taking a deep dive into their unique audiences. The result is a kickass, stand-out brand that matches their global reputation.