Pecana Pecan milk




Branding + Messaging, Visual Identity, Web design + development, Marketing Collateral Design, Packaging

America's favorite nut is now it's favorite milk.

Pecans take the stage, or in this case, the milk isle with beautiful packaging, a thoughtful brand, and all the design materials a company needs to make a splash.

Non-dairy milk is booming, and when our client, Chase Pecan, saw an opportunity, they asked STAV to drive the branding of a new product in the market – pecan milk. Following extensive research in the milk-alternative industry, in-depth interviews and workshops with the founders, and immersing our team into the company culture, we created a brand foundation with a strategy for immense growth.

Both the messaging and visual identity follows a deep legacy in the United States’ pecan industry, using words, images and colors of nostalgic Americana. The packaging pays homage to the milk man, and showcases the rich and unique buttery colors of the golden pecan. Our sales materials are designed to focus in on the beauty of the product but also the strength of the data that promises it’s popularity among consumers.

Pecana is at the startline of it’s exciting journey, and we are so excited to be a part of the ride. Follow along for more progress here or on their website below.