Introducing STAV Creative

The newest creative agency in downtown Austin is out to make the world a better place.

Hello world!


That’s the standard intro for most blog templates. But let’s be clear, we don’t do “standard” anything. Our specialties range from impactful branding and web design to communication strategy and advertising, with a lot in between. All of our work has two things in common: it’s extraordinary and it helps accelerate only the best ideas and causes.


So here’s a post about us: Austin’s newest creative marketing agency. We are designers, creators, visionaries and advocates. Four (or nine, depending on the day) humans, one dog, in the heart of Downtown Austin. Our door is always open to friends and great ideas, so if you fit that bill, come stop by! We’re always working on something fun, and we’d love to share it with you. First and foremost, we believe in making an impact in our world through creative… and we’re just getting started.



Okay, so what does STAV mean?


“STAV” is shortened from the last name Stavinoha. It belongs to our founder and CEO’s, grandmother, Dorothy. Her art was inspired by a hope for a better world and her legacy now continues with our mission. Our dream is to create an agency that goes beyond communications and creative services. In January, STAV opened it’s doors to inspire and leave an impactful mark on the world.


We are a diverse team with a common thread: to make a difference through creative.


Leaving an impact on the world… that’s a big mission. Well it starts with you—the client. We are here for you. At STAV, we are committed to designing and building brands unique to your mission. We’ve worked with a range of clients from brand development for a new beachfront hotel, to a coloring book for a real estate agent, to designing an art exhibit’s debut event detailing stories of refugees in the Austin community. We’re a group of people with a purpose, to make a positive impact for our clients and our community.


Whatever it may be, we invite you to our table to discuss your design and marketing dreams. We are a team of photographers, designers, copywriters, illustrators, web designers and digital marketing specialists with a common thread: to make a difference through creative.


STAV Creative Team and Everett the dog


So, we know you didn’t create your business on a whim. You want to great things too, whether it’s making homemade soaps to benefit disaster relief efforts or opening an Italian restaurant with pizza that will brighten up anyone’s Monday. We all want to make a difference and we understand that in a noisy world, it’s hard to be heard. The world doesn’t need more random content and information. At STAV, we say and create things that matter. We are here to change minds and drive impact. Our breadth of services (see list here) is curated uniquely for your brand and targeted for your audience. We create to transform and amplify your mission, grow your audience and build sales.


We believe we can help you. Let’s make a difference together.

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